Themes and events for the year

At our first meeting for 2015, on Saturday February 7, we planned the themes and events for the year. Here they are:

March 7 – historical perspectives on children’s literature – co-ordinator: Fiona McDonald
May 2 – depictions of Australian indigenous culture and people in children’s literature – co-ordinator: Heather Fisher
June 6 – Shapeshifters, vampires and werewolves – co-ordinator: Heather Attrill
August 8 – the CBCA Shortlist – co-ordinator: Heather Fisher
August 11 – 15 Booked In! festival of children’s and YA literature. Visiting illustrator Ann James. Local authors and illustrators to also take part.
September 5 – myths, legends – co-ordinator: Sophie Masson
November 7 – ‘Improving’ books – co-ordinator: Ann Young
December 5 – mice and rats, and Christmas lunch – co-ordinator: Sylvia Ransom.

The meeting also saw a great discussion of the allocated theme for February: comics and graphic novels. You can read more about it, and find the book list for it, at our ‘Book Discussions and Book Lists from meetings’ page.

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