Meeting schedule for 2016

After our planning meeting on February 6, we have a full programme for meetings:

Dates, themes and co-ordinator names for 2016 appear below.
5 March – School Magazine Centenary, (Ann Young)
2 April – Reprints and Classics – what gets reprinted and why (Sophie Masson)
7 May – Booked In! attendance at workshops, panel discussions, etc.
Check for a later post on our third annual literature festival!!
11 June (moved from the long weekend) – Australian poetry anthologies for children (Lyndal Knuckey)
(no meeting July),
13 August – CBCA Book of the Year shortlist (Heather Fisher)
3 September – Children’s books and interactive media (Miriam Newall)
(no meeting October),
5 November-  Notable collaborations in children’s literature (Sylvia Ransom)
3 December – Unicorns in children’s literature and Christmas lunch (Heather Attrill)


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